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resin 4.0.23 release notes


4.0.23 continues focus on bug fixes and stability

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs in 4.0.22. We encourage people to report 4.0.23 bugs at

Health: PdfReport

The PdfReport now has a mail-to attribute which can be used to send the pdf report as an email attachment.

Example PdfReport
<resin ...>
  <cluster ...>

Health: AnomalyAnalysis

The health check system has some early anomaly analysis. The analyzer will look at a meter value, checking for deviations from the average value. So unusual changes like a spike in blocked threads can be detected.

Health: Watchdog and Postmortem

The Postmortem report has been renamed to be the watchdog restart report, primarily for translation purposes. We're now describing the watchdog as the entire check/restart/report system, where the watchdog process is only a part.

Command Line Interface

The "stop" and "kill" commands can be used without the -server option if the current watchdog has a single server active.


The WebSocket implementation has been upgraded to draft 16.

jCache and Performance

The jCache API has been upgraded (although that's a moving target.) Performance has been improved, particularly for caches with a low locality rate. The user key to internal hash key cache has been merged into the global manager and its size increased.

Experimental testing of Resin's cache used as a memcache server shows comparable performance with memcached on certain loads.

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